The first of the TDi Defenders have now become 25 years old and are legal to bring into the US. For the last few years we have been searching around the UK for as original and untouched as we can find vehicles to basically revamp and bring back to there original glory, so they can start another chapter in there life.

Some, if so close to original will be best kept that way, other’s will be given an upgrade or modification if it feels right – obviously we can create to order too. Below is what we have in stock or coming very soon, we hope you find them as nice as we do: –

1990 RHD Defender 90, 200 TDi Diesel Hard Top in Bronze Ascot Green.

Complete underneath re-build, keeping the original bodywork externally. Inside revamped with Exmoor soundproofing kit, New Black Modus seats with matching cubby box, rear Genuine rubber load matt, and full new OEM 2016 Black headlining.

Ready for sale in Las Vegas with a full title.

1994 RHD Defender 110, 300 TDi Diesel Soft Top in Arctic White.

A barn find that deserved something a little special to be done to it. There was not a straight panel left on this vehicle after spending it’s whole life on a bull farm in Hampshire, but in the middle of it all was a perfect condition bulkhead and chassis, protected in a coating of literally Bull S%it. Now a Modern workhorse with a high level of comfort. 

Can be sold in Canada, available in the US 2019

1990 RHD Defender 110, 200 TDi Diesel County Station Wagon in Blue.

Apart from having a new rear cross member fitted, this is a extremely complete and very original 110 County Station Wagon – A perfect blank canvas for a new owner to create there own unique Defender.

Please enquire for details. 

1990 RHD Defender 90, 200 TDi Diesel Hard Top in Green.

A beautiful revamped 90. It has had a full re-spray in it’s original LR green by a father and son owned bodyshop, and it was the son’s learning project. Rear cross member has been replaced and that was all that was needed.

Please enquire for details.

BLUE – 1991 RHD Defender 90, 200 TDi Diesel Station Wagon in Blue.

Our first import, a wonderfully original Windjammer Blue 90 – nearly totally original, very well looked after and had fantastic history. We added to it by doing a 4,200 Mile road trip in him across country from Las Vegas to San Fransisco, and then down the PCH to LA and back again – all in 4 days.  He now resides in Denver with his fun packed family. 

1992 RHD Defender 90, 200 TDi Diesel Hard Top in White.

A plain and simple 90 hard top with side windows fitted.  Having a new rear cross member fitted and a small amount of bulkhead work done, the vehicle on a whole is a nice un-touched example. 

1991 RHD Defender 110, 200 TDi Diesel Truck Cab in Green.

You just don’t find these! A 1 Owner, 70,000 Miles genuine vehicle. It belonged to friend of our families and had no expense spared on it. The bulkhead, outriggers and rear cross member were all replaced a few years ago, as they were starting to look tired!

For sale in Las Vegas with a full title