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Retro Rovers – GK Series Defender Specs

The GK Series has been born through calibration of Ben Gott and David Klein ASC – A trusting first client who said ‘build what you would build my friend’ – The Agreement: – A ground up nut and bolt rebuild with only the highest quality parts used, using a race car performance mentality – The Process: – ‘Simple things done well!’ – Outcome: – A blisteringly quick Defender with the best handling possible, all with an understated, classic look – Apart from the exhausts – They’re a bit of a give away!


Engine: GMC LS3 E-Rod, 6.2L V8
Ancillary: Holley
Cooling: Griffin
Exhaust: E-Rod Catalitic’s into Retro’s Custom twin pipes / Borla Muffler(s)
Gearbox: Dodge NV4500 – 5 Speed Manual
Clutch: 50/50 : Race/Street Hydraulic spring assisted
Transfer Box: Land Rover LT230 with Ashcroft Toque Bias Centre Diff
Handbrake: X Eng Disc
Frame / Casings: Raptor coated black
Axle: Rebuilt Discovery 1
Bearings/Seals: Keith Gott Landrovers.
Differential : Front – open HD Ashcroft / Rear – Quaife Limited Slip – Both slippered with HD Crown-wheel and Pinion.
Drive Shaft: Ashcroft HD+
CV Joint: Ashcroft HD+
Rotor: Bowler/Alcon Vented and grooved Dakar spec
Calliper: Bowler/Alcon Lightweight Dakar spec
Pedals: Standard and LS Electronic Throttle Pedal
Spring: Bowler / JLR Developed
Shock Absorber: Bowler / Bilstein / JLR Developed
Turret: Terrafirma
Anti-roll: JLR / SuperPro
Suspension Bush: SuperPro
Steering box: Standard Ratio – New Adwest
Drag Link: Terrafirma HD
Track Rod: Terrafirma HD
Track Rod Ends: Terrafirma –greasable
Fuel Tank:  Standard
Fuel Pump: Bosch variable pressure
Fuel line: Aeroquip braided hose
Wiring: 4 Stand alone custom looms
Bulkhead: Opening vent original design
Dashboard: Original design with TD5 Style centre dash
A/C: Italian OEM Kit / 4 Seasons
Dial: VDO Oval Digital replacement
Steering Wheel:  Momo with Optimill removable hub
Front Seats: Rebuilt standard Defender with Exmoor product
Cubby Box: Mantec Metal Security
Matting System: Exmoor product
Battery: Twin deep cycle
Battery Management: Self monitored split charge system
Lighting: LED
Hood: – All Wheel Trim
Exterior Protection: Terrafirma / Scorpion Motorsport

Price guide: –

Starting around $140,000 depending on body type and condition of donor vehicle.

Donor vehicle is not included, we will help you source the correct vehicle for the conversion, or will assess your current vehicle if the case.

For further details, questions and to inquire about build slots please contact Ben via: – (702) 816-8412 or  PST