LHD Bowler Wildcat 4.0 Rover V8 Petrol – Dakar Spec


History: –

This Wildcat has just been proffesionally rebuilt on to a refurbished and re-powder coated frame. A Brand New gear box has been fitted with paddle clutch, and also brand new axles with all new running gear fitted as well.

Spec: – 

4.0 JE Rover Engine

Quiafe 6 Speed Sequential gearbox

Transfer box with Quaife LSD and large sump

Strengthened D2 Axles with SuperPro bushes throughout

Quaife LSD diffs with Ashcroft HD Crown wheel and pinions – slippered

Ashcroft HD + 20% Shafts and CV’s

Alcon Brakes

Donerre Suspension

Adwest quick steering box

Jack / belly plate system

Bosch temp sensors on Axles, Transfer box and Gear box

Bosch DDU 7 Display unit

Fuel pressure and air mass sensors

Single fuel tank system, twin pumps – in date

Additinal 2 rear box storage system

Air compressor with air tank and in-cab connectors

2 x Terra trips + Irritrac nav equipment