LHD Bowler Wildcat 4.0 Jaguar XK V8 Petrol – Dakar Spec


History: –

This Wildcat has just been professionally rebuilt onto a Brand New frame. During the process it has been upgraded with a new large core Allysport radiator for better cooling and a revised fuel pump system in a new location for better flow and cooling.

Spec: – 

4.0 Jag XK Engine

Quaife 6 speed Sequential gearbox

Transfer box with Quaife LSD and large sump

Armoured rear prop shaft

Strengthened D2 Axles with SuperPro bushes throughout

Quaife LSD diffs, with Ashcroft HD Crown wheel and pinions – slippered

Ashcroft HD + 20% Shaft and CV’s

Alcon Brakes

Donerre Coil Over Suspicion

Adwest quick steering box + cooler

Allysport large core Rad

Jack / belly plate system

Bosch temp sensors on axles, Transfer box and Gear box

Bosch Management system

Bosch DDU 7 Display unit

Fuel pressure and air mass sensors

Bosch 20 button duel press switch panel

Single fuel tank system, twin pumps – (tank out of date for FIA events currently)

Additional 2 rear box storage system

Air compressor with air tank and in-cab connectors

Lazer Lamp spot lights

2 x Terra trips + Irritrac nav equipment