Nato Green Series IIA 109"
RHD 1963 Sereies IIa LWB - 2.25 Petrol Station Wagon



1963 Series IIa 109 2.25 Litre Petrol Station Wagon in Nato Green.

Registered 1963 – Ready for sale in Las Vegas on a Old Timer title.

29,403 Miles – Genuine with an amazing full logged history.

We bought all three of these amazing 109’s many years ago, 1 went to a private collector, my father kept one for his personal collection and this one went into a friends collection. It has now been decided that it should move on to another home. There is extensive paperwork showing every posting and service it has had during it’s life, and the originality is beyond belief. It also show’s in how it drives, considering it is 53 years old.


The original 11 seats are all still fully intact, along with a full trim from the original vinyl covered hard board with staples.


Exact from the day it was made.

Brakes: – 

Full service record and being lovingly cared for over the years has paid off with the brakes working perfectly, all be it is still an old Land Rover!

Suspension & Chassis:

In perfect condition.

Rims and Tires: – 

Original steel rims and new replacement tyres.