Bronze Green Series III 88"
RHD 1978 Series III SWB - 2.25 Petrol Truck Cab

PRICE : – $29,000, On a Classic title (Private Sale)


1978 Seires III SWB 2.25 Litre Petrol Truck Cab in Bronze Green

Ready for sale in Las Vegas on a classic title.

17,525 Miles – Genuine

This vehicle belonged in my father’s personal collection in the UK for many years before travelling over to live in NYC and Vermont with our partner in the UK business. It spent 7 years there before now travelling over to the West coast for me to find it a new loving home.

There are not many Series vehicles like this left. It hasn’t been reconditioned at all, it is 100% original, and you can tell. It’s not 100% perfect, the paint has gone in a few places and there are some very small dents in the right wing and sone paint is missing on one small point on the roof, but it’s still better than nearly ever series out there!


Basic – As a series should be, 3 x Black vinyl seats and a rear view mirror.


Has been well maintained, a new lift pump has just been fitted, along with fuel clips and some hoses.

Brakes: – 

New front brake shoes have just been fitted – the rest of the system cleaned and checked.

Suspension & Chassis:

The springs have just been greased to keep a smother ride, shock absorbers are as standard.

Rims and Tires: – 

Original Land Rover steel rims with 6.50 16 Firestone tyres.