RHD TMC Off Road Rally Car 4.0 Supercharger JE Rover V8


History: –

The last frame to be built my Tim Marsh himself, the manufacture of the cars, this vehicle was lovingly built of the course of 5 years. It got the best of everything that could be used at the time, it even got a bespoke wiring loom costing over £6,000 in itself! Originally a N/A V8 the centrifugal supercharger was added about 4 years ago – the vehicle would have been about 4 years old at the time. Perfect beginner’s vehicle if your getting into the world of Off Road racing due to it’s ease to drive, or one extremely fun toy – the only way to sum it up, is that it put’s a serious smile on your face !

Spec: –

4.5 JE Engineering Rover V8 with Rotax Centrifugal Supercharger
3CU ECU (Brain) – which turned out to be perfect for the charger conversion
Custom rad and inter-cooler – twin pacet fans
3 Speed Strengthened Torque flight box
Milner 1 to 1 transfer box – I have three different ratio’s for it.
GKN Propshafts
7 Series BMW LSD diffs
TN24 Drive shafts
All bearing and CV’s from Milner – Porsche and Toyota
Mitubishi uprights (strengthened)
Mitubishi vented brake discs that are milled thinner
Landrover 90 rear calipers all round
Brake bias control
Toyota LC VX 2 speed steering box
4 Braid Alloys on Cooper STT Maxx tyres – 5 random alloy spares with new tyres
New latest type custom Ohlins 2 way adjustable dampers
Rear hydraulic bump stops
All pipes are aeroquip
35 litre custom bag tank – out of date for FIA events
Corbeau Fonza Sport seats in date until Aug 2017
TRS 4 point belts
Armtec Electronic cutt out system
Jel racing battery
Stilo intercom
Remote wiper/washer/horn box for passenger
Fuel gauge / temp gauge
Ignition key / removable steering wheel
Full vehicle lights to MOT standard
Registered and MOT’ed
Good spares package with it and there is a spare wheel carrier that goes on the rear. The roof and rear fire wall are all one piece and lift out after undoing 5 bolts inside – I’m the only person who has ever done this design as far as I know – it allows you to take the engine and gearbox out as one piece through the roof.