Straight from the Barn

The classic range is basically warts and all, this is how we find the vehicles, they are of course given a full service and any issues are dealt with, but the look is as we’ve bought it, the rest is up to you.

Series I, II a & b , III
Upgraded with authentic parts

These Defenders are stripped down and re-built as they deserve for the state and history, also with a little added style from the powers that be (Ben!). Working with the client, something a little extra special will be added to the evolution of the vehicle for it’s future years to come.

Unique and Collectables
Your Bespoke build

These Rovers get the full upgrade treatment with anything you want. This is your chance to create what ever you would like out of one of the the most iconic canvas’s in the Automotive industry to roam the planet..

In the Works

The next stage of our move is in progress! We have arrived in Las Vegas and are taking the new Defender around to check out its new surroundings! New shop address being announced soon.


Talk to Us

Tell us how we can make your life better with your own Land Rover Defender!

We are going to be opening our new shop and garage very soon!

Address: Las Vegas


USA +1 (702) 816 8412 (Courtney)

UK +44 (0)7778 124 390 (Ben)